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6 Tips to having a relaxing holiday

December 22, 2015
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If you are anything like me, being organised takes a lot of stress out of my day. It might be as simple as writing a list or setting an alarm on my phone to remind me of a daily task. Either way being organised it key to a stress free and relaxing start to each day. It is no different when you go on holidays, being organised and planning a few things in advance will help you to make the most out of your time away from the office.

Relax without the kids

1. Don’t take the kids!

Yeah – there I said it! Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or just to the bathroom, how much more relaxing is a trip anywhere without kids?! While we love them to bits, a short getaway child free it always going to be more relaxing than taking the little rascals with you!

2. Make a list of things you want to see and do.Relax at Hells Gate

Everyone has a ‘must do’ list of places and attractions they want to go to when on holidays. Once you have decided what places you are going to stay, make up a list so you can make sure you will have time to fit everything in.

3. Book ahead

Book the majority of your accommodation, transport and your ‘Must Do’ sightseeing attractions before you go on holidays! If you know what you want to do then make your bookings before you go. This way you can make sure you have allowed enough time to do everything. There is nothing worse than arriving in a town with big plans to see an attraction only to find out it closes early on a Saturday or is booked out. It’s so much more relaxing have a detailed, planned and pre-booked itinerary that has everything mapped out.

4. Don’t overdo it!

Don't over do it just relax!While it is great to be organised and pre-book activities before you go, please do not over commit. This also means making sure you plan some 2 or 3 night stays on your trip. If you only stay one night in each city there is a good chance you will feel too rushed and that is not relaxing. Also be sure to allow some days with nothing on the agenda that way you can choose to either relax & read a book by the hotel pool or spend a leisurely afternoon wandering around the town.


5. Have a massage

Relax enjoy a massage at Tekapo SpringsAfter a long flight or a day of driving in the car there is nothing better than indulging yourself and booking a relaxation massage at a day spa. Some hotels have their own day spa facilities so can arrange for an experienced masseuse to come to your hotel room.

6. Contact a travel agent

A travel agent will help take all the stress of your shoulders! Spending half an hour speaking to an expert will save you many precious hours of online browsing. Chat to an expert consultant who has been to the destination you are planning to visit and you have just halved your research time. Even easier, if you are planning a New Zealand holiday just send us an email with your ‘list’, you don’t even have to leave your couch! At Just New Zealand we have a team of experts who have been to New Zealand many times and most of our travel consultants are kiwis themselves and grew up in NZ. Local knowledge is super helpful when making a holiday booking.

My goal this holiday season is to take a break from work and enjoy some rest and relaxation. While I want to see and do as much as possible there is no fun returning from a holiday feeling like you need a holiday just to recover. Being organised is key. I hope you find these tips are helpful and have a great holiday break. Do you have any of your own tips for planning a relaxing holiday? Let us know in the comments!

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