4 of New Zealand’s best Quad Bike Tours for the adventurous traveller

March 8, 2019
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Are you ready to take a ride off the beaten track?
Quad bike tours are the perfect way to get the outback thrills of a horseback ride, with the convenience of things like… having a comfortable seat, a throttle you can control, and no terrifying thoughts of falling off your saddle. Guaranteed smiles aside, here’s what you can expect when you embark on one of New Zealand’s best quad biking experiences.

Nomad Safaris | Queenstown


Getting stuck in the mud at Nomad Safaris

Nomad are known as the “professional adventurers”, and they’ve been providing incredible off-road experiences in Queenstown for many years. Their HQ is just 15 minutes from central Queenstown, where you’ll meet your experienced guide and get full training on how to ride your quad bike. Never ridden one before? No sweat. Nomad’s motto is that riding should be as fun as possible for anyone, regardless of their skill level. Once you’re up to speed it’s time to hit the trail on a half-day adventure that promises a never-ending stream of breathtaking views. Bring your camera or you’ll be kicking yourself, because there’s really nowhere else like it!

Hanmer Springs Attractions | Hanmer Springs


Got to get across the river somehow?

Hanmer Springs is Canterbury’s very own alpine spa wonderland, famous for its natural hot pools. An area full of rugged hills, forests and trails, it’s the perfect backdrop for a quad biking adventure with your hosts at Hanmer Springs Attractions. Choose your quad bike – they have a range of options – and hit the practice track to make sure you’re fully confident before heading into the wild with your guide for the day. Pass through streams, traverse across rocky terrain and through beautiful forests to get the best views of Hanmer and the epic mountain ranges that surround it.

Cable Bay Adventure Park | Nelson


Overlooking Cable Bay

Coming in at only a couple of hours duration, these tours are a no-brainer while in Nelson, the South Island’s sunshine capital. Cable Bay Adventure Park is just a stone’s throw from Nelson town centre, offering quad bike rides through a land of native forest, opening up into spectacular views over Delaware Bay. This quad bike ride is a blast rain or shine, so you don’t even need to worry about the weather forecast. Strap on your helmet and head for the hills!


On Yer Bike | Greymouth


On Yer Bike Experience

Greymouth is the capital of the wild West Coast, a stunning region of New Zealand that’s totally unique. Surrounded by natural rainforests and a fascinating history to go with the landscape, it’s a place to explore with hidden gems galore. On Yer Bike’s quad adventures are the coast’s number 1 rated attraction, loved far and wide for their wild rides through the rainforests on some seriously impressive machinery. They’ve got a range of quad bikes and buggies for ages 12 and up, and an assault course on which to put them to the test. The region is known for heavy rainfalls, and this is certainly one activity that’s even better when the tracks are wet.

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