Get on your bike and ride! The best cycling tours in New Zealand 🚲

May 30, 2019
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Cycling… it’s the perfect way to keep fit, see the sights, and enjoy things at your own pace – and it’s one of our favourite ways to explore nature in New Zealand. Forget about the car, ditch the coach, grab a bike and you’re off on your own little adventure! Whether you’re looking for a leisurely day trip or something more challenging, there’s a world of options available to you in NZ. Here are a few of our favourite cycling tours!

Walter Peak Guided Cycling Tour


Walter Peak Cycling

One of the coolest day trips you’ll find in the South Island, the Walter Peak Guided Cycling Tour is a Queenstown highlight. Once you’ve been fitted with your mountain bike, set sail in style on the iconic TSS Earnslaw steamer, headed across the lake for the rugged hills of Walter Peak. Half the fun is getting there. The cycling trail starts at Walter Peak High Country Farm, where it hugs the waterfront before heading inland to rolling valleys, and the rainforest-bordered Mavora Lakes – film fans will instantly recognise this area as Lord of the Rings country. Along the way there’s time for a picnic lunch and afternoon tea with plenty of goodies to make sure your energy levels stay topped up. Round out a brilliant day with a relaxed cruise home on the Earnslaw where the bar will be open for all those with a hard-earned thirst.

Hauraki Rail Trail

Proudly claiming its status as one of the easiest cycle trails in the country, the Hauraki Rail Trail is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and it’s conveniently located just a couple of hours from Auckland – what’s not to like! The five-section trail takes you through Waikato’s rustic farmland, past the Shorebird Coast, and through old mining towns in pioneer country. The whole trail is 2-3 days’ ride and is great at any time of year thanks to the temperate climate of the region.

Otago Central Rail Trail


Otago Central Rail Trail

A 150-kilometre trail connecting the towns of Middlemarch and Clyde, the Otago Central Rail Trail is a firm favourite with tourists and locals alike. Traversing some of NZ’s most picturesque countryside, across viaducts and through tunnels, it’s an epic journey providing plenty to see for nature lovers and Lord of the Rings fans alike. The trail is divided into smaller sections for day trips, but those wishing to ride the whole thing should allow 3-5 days.

Little River Rail Trail

A 50-kilometre trail connecting Christchurch to Little River, the Little River Rail Trail follows the path of the old railroad, passing through lush green farmland, via Lincoln then past Lake Ellesmere and Lake Forsyth to Little River. The trail is split into sections and is mostly flat, making it an accessible and relaxed option.
Explore New Zealand on a cycling tour!

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