Motorhome: Terms and Conditions


Unlimited kilometres, 15% GST, Extra driver fees, Tourism Radio, Airport transfers upon vehicle collection and return, Kitchen equipment, Linen and bedding, General equipment, Customer care 24 hour, 7 days per week road-service helpline, Supermarket Discount Card, Travel wallet including map of New Zealand with driving tips and travel information

* Linen and bedding includes pillow, pillowcase, duvet (doona), sheet and towel per person.
* Kitchen equipment includes plates, bowls, cups, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, bottle/can opener, mixing bowls, colander, saucepans, frying pans, cooking utensils, chopping board, kettle, teapot, toaster and tea towel.
* General equipment includes pegs, dustpan/brush, fire extinguisher, bucket/hose, broom, matches, coat hangers and toilet chemicals.


Note: Minimum hire period is subject to change.


Min 21 years and maximum 75 years. (Over 75 years must produce a Doctors Certificate)

Mandatory use of child restraints in vehicles will be extended by two years, with all children required to be correctly secured in an approved restraint until their 7th birthday. The law will continue to require all children aged 7 to be secured in an approved child restraint if one is available in the vehicle.


If the customer wishes to change the drop-off destination, they must first obtain authorisation from Reservations.
Subject to the change being approved, an additional charge of up to NZ$750 may apply.

Britz reserves the right to retain an NZ$250 cleaning fee if the vehicle is not returned in a clean condition. This includes smoking related cleaning, as smoking is not permitted in the vehicle. The toilet and waste water tank must be emptied prior to the return of the vehicle, or an additional NZ$125 soiling fee will be retained.

Toilet Emptying Service* NZ$75 per rental On drop off of vehicle, customers will have the convenience of having the toilet emptied for them


All vehicles are insured for the damage to the vehicle or to the property of a third party. The hirer is responsible for the first NZ$7,500 (the Liability) of the cost of damage to third party property or to the rented vehicle, including single vehicle accident, windscreen and tyre damage, towing and recovery costs, theft, fire, break-in or vandalism with the exception of the ‘exclusions’. This also includes the cost of the daily rental for the period the vehicle is off fleet for accident repairs.


For security purposes only a credit and debit card can be used to provide a security deposit. The credit & debit card holder must be present and be able to sign for the security deposit upon vehicle collection. The credit card holder is jointly and severally liable for any damage to the rental vehicle.

If a credit isn’t presented upon pick-up the client will be denied to rent the Campervan and full cancellation fees will be applied.


All credit or debit card transactions are conducted in NZ dollars. Due to exchange rate fluctuations there could be some variance in the amount refunded compared to the amount initially charged. We do not accept any liability for variances up or down

Please be aware a refundable insurance bond of NZ$7,500 is required at time of pickup. This can be paid by credit card which will be processed & debited. Alternatively a bond waiver option can be taken. Note for reduction option 1, the bond is debited onto the clients credit card. For option 2 the security deposit of NZ$250 is taken as an imprint only.

The Liability is applicable regardless of who is at fault and must be paid at the time the accident report is completed, not at the completion of the rental. The Liability will be refunded if Britz are successful in recovering the cost of the damages from the third party. Please note that third party claims can take months to resolve. The Liability applies in respect of each claim, not rental.

This NZ$7,500 excess can be reduced, in most circumstances, by the purchase of excess reduction option 1, 2 or No Worries Cover (PCO2),
Liability Reduction Option 1: NZ$29 per day reduces the excess to $2,500
Liability Reduction Option 2: NZ$65 per day reduces the excess to Nil and covers for accidental damage to the overhead and underbody sections of the vehicle and will also include unlimited tyre and windscreen cover
Liability Reduction Option 2: A security deposit of NZ$250.00 is also required.

Additional Protection Coverage: – All vehicles at an extra cost per rental
Where the hirer purchases Additional Protection Coverage the cost of damage resulting from a single vehicle
roll over will be covered.
Additional Protection Coverage can only be purchased in conjunction with Liability Reduction Option 2 or the
Bonus Pack.

* Child/booster seat – Note that not all Britz vehicles can accommodate child restraint equipment.

The Liability or Security Deposit MUST be paid by Credit & Debit card, cash is no longer an option. Accepted credit and debit cards are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Visa & Mastercard will have a 2% Merchant Fee Recovery applicable, American Express Fee is 4.6%. Diners cards are not accepted. For Security purposes, only the hirer’s credit card can be used for Vehicle Security deposits. Both Security Deposit & Credit Card Fee will be fully refunded if vehicle is returned undamaged with a full tank of fuel


Travel Insurance does not waiver the need to leave a excess when collecting your vehicle. Clients must claim any lost excess from the insurance company on their return.


The vehicle rates per 100km are as follows:
2 Berth: Nil
2 Berth Diesel: NZ$5.82
Voyager: NZ$5.82
2 Berth (Toilet Shower): NZ$5.82
4 Berth Manual: NZ$6.22
4 Berth Automatic: NZ$5.82
6 Berth: NZ$6.22


Please be aware that there is NO FUEL available in Milford Sound. It is especially important to fuel up in Te Anau before departing the 124km round Journey between Te Anau & Milford Sound.


The Britz Bonus Pack is per day and is in addition to the daily vehicle rate.

The Britz Bonus Pack component Inclusions are: Liability Reduction Option 2*, Road User Charge Recovery fee*, One-Way Fee’s if applicable Pre-Purchase Gas (PGO)*, Picnic table and chairs (chairs per person travelling), Snow Chains and Heaters as required, Baby / Booster seat on request (cannot be fitted in some vehicle categories

* Liability Reduction Option 2 – This option reduces the excess from NZ$7500 to NIL and covers for accidental damage to the overhead and underbody sections of the vehicle and unlimited tyre and windscreen cover

* Pre-Purchase Gas Option (PGO) allows the customer to return the vehicle without the need for the gas bottle to be replenished. The gas bottle is used to operate the gas stove and to heat the hot water in vehicles with a hot water facility. This option can be purchased separately if the Bonus Pack has not been selected. See additional products and services for costs.

Must request at time of booking. This is then on a request basis and confirmed at the time of picking up the vehicle. Paid Direct it is NZD$10.00 per day. – Max amount charged is NZD$100.00

Toilet emptying service
Toilet emptying service can be arranged at pick up of a Britz rental for NZ$75 and the customer will have the convenience of having the toilet empted for them on completion of their rental.


THL strongly suggest clients do the self-check in process prior to pick so that they have a much better idea of what time they will be collecting their van. The self-check in process is also highly beneficial for the customer as it gives them loads of detail about their vehicle prior to pick up and it also allows the customer to enter their licence details so they have one less thing to do at pick up.