Exploring New Zealand’s stunning Spring Gardens

November 11, 2019
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Spring is in full swing right now in New Zealand. That means the gardens of our little green nation are blossoming, and it’s the best time of year to book that New Zealand holiday for all you garden gurus and flower fans. Let’s find out more about NZ’s most beautiful spring gardens…there are many to choose from!

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Auckland Botanic Gardens

One of the younger gardens here—opened in 1982—Auckland’s botanic gardens sprawl over a huge, 64-hectare area. Packed with unique themes, beautiful sculptures and a wonderful café, there’s even a 10-hectare native forest; you can expect to see more than 10,000 plant species as you wander around. The diversity on show includes an African plants garden, a palm garden, a rose garden and an edible garden showing off organic kiwi vegetables. With its uniquely South Pacific feel and sustainable practices, Auckland’s botanic gardens are a must-see for any budding botanist.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Christchurch Botanical Gardens

Nestled between the banks of the picturesque Avon river and Hagley Park, the Christchurch botanic gardens are the city’s natural centrepiece. The historic 21-hectare space was founded in 1863 with the ceremonial planting of an English oak. The spring months in Christchurch see a wide variety of flowers at their peak, including rhododendrons, tulips, magnolias, roses and blossoms. Look out for the beautiful fountain and sculptures as you explore, and a stop at the Ilex café for lunch is recommended. These famous gardens are a big part of why Christchurch is known as New Zealand’s garden city. And there’s no better time to visit than spring!

Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton gardens are known for their immaculate flowerbeds and unique concepts. The gardens sit on a beautiful stretch of the Waikato river, and each year more than 1 million visitors come to visit and take in their visual story. Hamilton gardens consist of a collection of five themed gardens—Paradise, Productive, Fantasy, Cultivar and Landscape. Each expresses its own story and offers an insight into the different gardens of the world. It can be thought of more as a museum in a garden context than a traditional botanic garden. Amongst the garden styles on display are Japanese, English, Italian and Chinese, and of course a whole heap of New Zealand native plants.

The Giants House, Akaroa

The Giants House Akaroa

And now for something completely different… but no less beautiful! The Giant’s House is a creative twist on the garden concept. Sitting above the gorgeous seaside town of Akaroa, the Giant’s House garden is full of vibrant colours and locally made sculptures with ornate mosaics. The house itself is a blend of art and history with elegant rooms, mosaic floors and artistic touches galore. You can even spend the night in one of the comfortable bedrooms.

Larnach Castle, Dunedin

Larnach Castle Gardens

Larnach Castle is New Zealand’s only castle, surrounded by 35 acres of NZ’s best-kept gardens. Sitting atop the Otago peninsula just outside Dunedin, the castle has magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean. The gardens are made up of a collection of intriguing concepts; with names like the Patterned Garden, the Serpentine Walk, the South Seas Garden, the Alice Lawn, and the Laburnum Arch, you’ll be itching to explore each and every one.

Whether you’re a keen botanist or just love spring, contact us today and let’s plan your perfect kiwi holiday.

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