Why you get more freedom from a Motorhome than a Hotel

August 2, 2019
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Holidays are all about freedom. Freedom from work, freedom from stress, freedom from the daily grind. So, isn’t it strange that we often choose to spend so much of our holidays in hotels where your freedom extends only as far as the four walls around you? Real freedom is about moving around when you feel like it, and that’s the kind of freedom you can only get from a holiday spent on the road in a motorhome.

Keen to get started? First, you’ll need to figure out what kind of Motorhome you need. There’s an almost overwhelming choice when it comes to motorhomes, but we’re here to help.

Maui Motorhomes


Maui at its Best

Maui offer a premium range of NZ’s newest motorhomes, with the plushest fittings available in a huge range of configurations.
Budget: $$$
Best for: Late model premium vehicles and top features

Britz Motorhomes

Britz bring the value and quality you’d expect from one of the oldest names in the industry. Their range of motorhomes hits the sweet–spot with more affordable pricing and plenty of choice.
Budget: $$
Best for: Extensive range at sharper prices

Mighty Campers

Britz Campervans

A Britz Family Holiday

Mighty Campers offer the best bang for your buck. Travellers on a budget will enjoy their range of quality vehicles and top–notch value.
Budget: $
Best for: Making your dollars go further

How to make the most of your NZ motorhome holiday

Don’t overpack — If you’re hitting the roads in summer, you can leave the heavy coats and sweaters behind, because you won’t end up wearing them. Remember, every bit of space counts, so don’t waste it with clothing or gear you aren’t going to use. Soft bags will fit into your motorhome better than bulky suitcases.
Go big! — Travelling as a couple or small group? Consider getting a motorhome that’s designed for more travellers than you have — space inside is precious and you won’t regret having some extra.


Experience a Mighty Camper

Stay Connected with Wi-Fi and local SIM cards — Your holiday is about getting out and about and enjoying the best NZ has to offer, not sitting indoors on your phones, but don’t underestimate the handiness of having a Wi-Fi dongle or local SIM card to save big on data charges and ensure you can call on Google Maps when you’re in a pickle.
Sunscreen and Insect Repellent are your friends — Coastal New Zealand can be home to some annoying sand-flies and mosquitoes, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve always got some insect repellent on hand. Likewise, the NZ sun is burning hot in summer, so make sure you’ve always got some sun screen in your motorhome — factor 30 minimum.
Don’t drive past a petrol station without filling up — New Zealand’s rural areas are a must–see, but petrol stations can be pretty thin on the ground. If you’re driving through the countryside, we’d recommend filling up whenever you’re around the half–tank mark to be safe.

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